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Welcome to, school for changemakers.

Here we have courses developed by true subject-matter experts and practitioners that will help you change the world for good. Our courses run the gamut from nonprofit crowdfunding to corporate social responsibility and tips on how to garner more media coverage for your social enterprise.

Before 2025, our goal is to have over 1,000 courses on the platform, mostly short courses structured with three key points, we call 3-Tip Mini-Courses. We already have and will continue to build some longer courses as well.

All of our courses are available for purchase or subscription individually, but most of our users subscribe to one of our two plans:

The 3-Tip Mini-Course Collection, as the name implies, includes access only to our rapidly growing roster of 3-Tip Mini-Courses, which you can typically complete in about 30 minutes. Get powerful, actionable insights that will help you make a difference quickly!

The All-Access Pass Subscription includes our longer courses as well.

You can take 1/3 off the price of either subscription forever by using the coupon code "getonethirdoff" when you checkout.

Know, too, that when you join the Good Crowd, you actually do change the world. We give 5% of our revenue to nonprofits who are working to end extreme poverty, improve global health and mitigate climate change. Learn more about how you are directly contributing to efforts to improve the world with every course you buy.