3 Tips for Raising More Funds from Your Network

3 Tips for Raising More Funds from Your Network

3-Tip Mini Course

When people think about fundraising, they often think about reaching out to strangers they don't know. But it’s one of the reasons that campaigns fail to reach their goals. Research done by Wharton Professor Ethan Mollick found that the majority of crowdfunding backers (between 50-90%) will be friends, family and your community. 

But how you communicate with your network makes all the difference in terms of their willingness to support you.  

In this course, you’ll learn 3 things you can do to increase contributions to a fundraising campaign from the network you have already built around you.

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5% To Change The World

For every $100 students like you spend at GoodCrowd.school, we donate $5 to nonprofits that help to advance our mission of eradicating extreme poverty, improving global health and mitigating climate change by 2045.

  • $1 goes to CHOICE Humanitarian to fight extreme poverty in the developing world, using their "Self Developing District Model" for helping villages and entire communities lift themselves out of poverty.
  • $1 goes to Rotary International to fund its effort to eradicate polio. That $1 is enough to deliver one life-saving dose to an at-risk child.
  • $1 goes to CoolEffect.org to fight climate change. Every dollar not only offsets more than 100 kilos of carbon but also supports projects with other benefits, such as helping families acquire clean cookstoves that improve their health and economic status.
  • $2 go to other projects we support, including scholarships for disadvantaged youth.

When you take courses at GoodCrowd.school, you not only learn how to change the world, you actually do!

What's included?

6 Videos
1 Quiz
7 Texts
Kathleen Minogue
Kathleen Minogue

About the instructor

Kathleen Minogue is a U.S. based crowdfunding educator, advocate and speaker. After running her own successful crowdfunding campaign in 2012, she founded Crowdfund Better to guide entrepreneurs, small businesses, social enterprises and nonprofits on using crowdfunding strategically to attain their financial, marketing, and business goals. A thought leader in crowdfunding, Kathleen is particularly focused on utilizing crowdfunding to encourage entrepreneurship and economic development in underserved communities, especially for women, minority, and rural entrepreneurs. She advocates for the use of crowdfunding to create a path to bankability for small businesses who have been turned down by lenders and has contributed to local and international access to capital initiatives including the PwC Women Unbound crowdfunding report and the PLUM LA Initiative launched by the Milken Institute and SBA.

Kathleen is a dynamic speaker and writer who uses her skills as a former teacher and financial professional to run highly interactive workshops that address the needs of novice crowdfunders as well as experienced veterans and has worked alongside project creators coaching highly successful campaigns on major, niche, and self-hosted platforms. Kathleen has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and on ForbesBooks Radio, contributed to industry publications Crowdfund Insider and Locavesting, and has spoken at venues including the SBA, Milken Institute, Director’s Guild of America, Association for Women’s Business Centers, Impact Hub, Pepperdine University, Global Crowdfunding Convention and Crowdfunding Deep Impact UK.

Prior to Crowdfund Better, Kathleen spent time at JPMorgan where she helped build relationships with leading technology venture capitalists and worked as a consultant for an LA-based crowdfunding start-up. When not working with clients, Kathleen can be found wandering Farmer’s Markets or whipping up a batch of pancakes with her daughter.


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