School for Changemakers


Respect in Today's Workplace - Living It Successfully!

You will discover how to build a safe and inclusive workplace culture; gain three tips to avoid being seen as "creepy" with your colleagues; and discover how to express love, respect and appreciation at work.

$26.50 / month

Crowdfunding for Social Good Master Class

This will course will prepare you and your organization for a successful crowdfunding campaign.


How to Be Positive in the Face of Daunting Challenges

You’ve heard it forever right? “Just Think Positive.” But how can positivity impact your team to be more effective in delivering your mission-focused objectives? In this 3-tip mini-course, Dr. Paul teaches you how to operate your mind!


3 Myths That Hamper and 2 Keys for Successful Nonprofit Crowdfunding

This free webinar will help you raise more money for your cause.


Get Started in Social Entrepreneurship: A Practical Guide

Learn how to leave your mark on the world for good! You can change the world and make a living for yourself. Learn how now!


Three Signs Your Token May Be a Security Under SEC Rules

Thinking about raising capital by selling a blockchain token? If you answered “yes” you’re already headed down a path of selling securities. This course provides you an understanding of what a security is and why securities laws may apply to you.