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3 Secrets to Finding Your Dream Job in the Impact Arena

Far too often professionals accept a position simply because it pays the mortgage or rent. People would be happier if they found, interviewed and accepted an offer for their dream job. Learn how with this course!


Using Letters to the Editor to Have Your Voice Heard

Knowing how to write letters to the editor on issues you care about and having them published disproves the notion that our voices can't be heard. This course will give you the tools you need to make the difference you've always dreamed of making.


3 Tips for Raising More Funds from Your Network

When people think about fundraising, they often think about reaching out to strangers. But it’s one of the reasons that campaigns fail to reach their goals. The majority of crowdfunding backers will be friends, family and your community.


Resolving Conflict Effectively

Research shows that the average person spends 2.1 hours per week on work-related conflict. This course will teach you principles to resolve conflict more effectively. Resolving conflict effectively helps you achieve goals and be more productive.